Who We are and What We Do

Breast Friends is a non-profit organization advocated to helping women with cancer improve their lives by providing educational resources for their friends, colleagues, and families on how they can offer help. Through our programs, we are able to help these people understand what cancer patients are undergoing and teach them strategies that give assurance to the patients.

Over the years, Breast Friends has offered programs that advocated women empowerment with lots of love, support, and hope, especially from people who matter the most for them. We have always aimed to make no woman feel she is alone in her glorious battles. We will continue to strengthen women and cancer patients, giving them emotional support and help them celebrate the joy of being alive.

Our Mission

It is the advocacy of Breast Friends to be a loving company to every woman battling with breast cancer. Breast Friends offers a community for patients, their friends, workmates, and family, where fear of cancer is minimized, and isolation is resolved with a companion.