Talk to someone who has been there.

We recognize that no other person can truly understand the challenges gone through by cancer patients and their caregivers than the same bunch of people who have been in a similar experience.

Breast Friends offer a telephone-based peer support service for 18 years and above individuals diagnosed with cancer or cancer caregivers.

What is the program all about?

Releasing the tension by talking with someone who truly understands has surely loosened the anxieties of cancer patients and caregivers.

You will be able to talk with one of our trained volunteers over the phone confidentially. Our peer support volunteers will listen, encourage, and share their ideas and experiences of coping. Understand, however, that our trained volunteers are not mental health experts; the program we are offering does not involve counseling.

How can I avail this service?

Registration is a requirement. After this, you can choose from our pool of volunteers based on your preferences. You can also check for the time of availability of our volunteers.