Factors Causing Breast Changes

Menstruation and Menopause
Estrogen and progesterone cause the growth of milk ducts and stimulation of these milk ducts respectively. The former, according to experts, is increased in the first phase of the menstrual cycle, while the latter is at peak on the second phase of the cycle.
However, during the menopausal stage, the ovaries stop producing these two hormones. Consequently, this causes the breast to stop undergoing the cycle …

Breast Anatomy and Physiology

Ever wonder why breast cancer is common among women when in fact both men and women have breasts? This is primarily because men have lesser breast tissue and mass than women.
Breasts are primarily composed of adipose tissue, ducts glands, and connective tissues. Basically, breasts are accessory organs because of the mammary glands that produce milk for offspring feeding.
Blood vessels and lymph vessels also run along the breast tissues. Lymph vessels are …

Cancer Risk Factors

Cancer risk factors are the instances or situations that increase the chance of an individual acquiring cancer. Relative cancer risk factors that are commonly known include:
Family History
There are some cancers that are genetically acquired. It’s possible that mutated genes causing cancer are being passed within your bloodline from one generation to another. If cancer is commonly occurring in your family, you may submit yourself for genetic testing to determine if you …