How We Can Help

We believe that battling cancer shouldn’t be a one-man job. The condition itself is already way beyond challenging. Making one’s way through it shouldn’t be as difficult. Therefore, we at Breast Friends are more than willing to offer help in the best ways possible. We are a community of cancer patients, cancer survivors, and cancer caregivers who are on the same shoes as you do.

If you happen to be diagnosed with cancer, or if it is someone you care, surely you have so many queries running through your head. One thing is for sure;

Breast Friends is indeed a friend you can rely on. Our organization is dedicated to providing support to individuals undergoing the battle against cancer. We also offer reliable information for the individual’s family members, friends, and colleagues on how they can be of help to the one with cancer.

When confronted with a cancer diagnosis, there is a mix of emotions felt. Fear, depression, anger, confusion, helplessness. While ignorance is bliss, we firmly believe in the organization that knowledge is power.

We have the Ask a Friend Service which is a pool of people knowledgeable enough to answer your queries about cancer, especially breast cancer, diagnostic tools, therapeutic management, and other cancer-related matters. This cancer information service is available to enlighten you with reliable information about cancer and cancer-related topics.

We also have the Friends Indeed Service which is composed of cancer patients’ and cancer survivors’ family, friends, and colleagues. They are specifically trained on how they can offer emotional support and share their personal experience of coping. This connects people living with cancer and their caregivers.

For those who have limited information on the availability of cancer-related services within your location, our Locate a Friend is available. It is a database of cancer-related services and resources accessible throughout the country. It will provide information on the different oncology diagnostic and treatment facilities in various areas throughout the country.

Breast Friends is always dedicated to building a supportive community for people who have cancer, cancer survivors, and caregivers. With the right connection and support, cancer is a conquerable adversary.