Become a Volunteer

Breast Friends has been steadfastly operating for over a decade. This is all because of the dedicated volunteers we have who untiringly offer their service. Breast Friends provides significant opportunities where one can make a big impact as a volunteer.


We have a variety of volunteer services that can complement your skills and availability. We recommend that you start with what interests you then challenge yourself by giving a go for new activities and ways to connect with others.

In Breast Friends, there are different ways on how to be involved. Volunteer activities include fundraising, promotion of good health, cancer-prevention advocacies, people support for cancer patients, office staff support, and administrative functions.


If you are contemplating on how to become a volunteer, consider the following as you organize your involvement:


Think through the amount of time you can spare for these volunteer activities. If you can spare only one Saturday, you can be part of our weekend fundraising activities happening every month.

If you can offer a few hours on a monthly basis, you may consider being part of the leadership committee for various activities.

And if you have flexible time, you may offer driving services for cancer patients to reach to their treatment facilities. Or, you may be part of our office staff where you can share your administrative talents.


Your individual skills will truly help our community to grow. If you have superb organizing skills, you may become part of our organizing committee.

If you got excellent social skills, you can try becoming a community ambassador where you are involved in networking, sales, and marketing.

If you happen to be a cancer survivor or a cancer caregiver in the past, you can be a part of our Friends Indeed Service where you can offer peer support.

Opportunities for the Young

We believe that young people should be actively involved in various social works. For over a decade, Breast Friends has stood the test of times because of the youth community involved in our advocacies.

These young people work as volunteers for various activities such as fundraising, being members of youth leadership committees and strategize health promotion campaigns for cancer patients of their age.

There are a lot of ways for these youngsters to help. If you are interested, we are always willing to accept your application.