This is how we started.

Having found comfort in each other, co-founders Joanna Jackson and Amy James devoted their lives supporting women who have the same need as theirs. Both are breast cancer survivors. Amy was diagnosed early in 1992, while Amy received the news three years later. They met one spring day in 1995 in the hospital halls of Dela Cerna Medical Center – Oncology Department when Joanna was crying so bad and Amy, having noticed this, came to comfort her.

With the simple gesture of a random stranger, both found comfort in each other. Since then, they started going out for lunch or over coffee. They then realized that no people who could understand their situation exactly but the same people who had the same condition as theirs. Consequently, in each other’s company, they no longer feel isolated as they were battling against their disease.

Five years later, Amy came up with an idea of starting a non-profit organization that would devote itself to helping breast cancer patients and survivors. They started with an information drive to the cancer patient themselves. They also spent time teaching the patients’ families and friends on how they can effectively support the said patients.

Hence, “Beast Friends” was born. They registered it with the state of Los Angeles and made it known to the public through the digital platform. They opened the organization’s bank account with a $100, donated by someone who did not wish to be known. In early 2002, Beast Friends received their 501©3 federal tax exemption.

Since then, Beast Friends continued their mission of helping patients battle with breast cancer.