How to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

For women, the second most common kind of cancer is in the breast. Just because breast cancer is commonly found in women does not mean men cannot get it. The purpose of Breast Cancer Awareness with custom t shirts is to detect whether a person has it, learn about the treatment, and look for a genuine and permanent cure. Here are ways on how you can spread breast cancer awareness:

Social Media

Take photos or videos talking about breast cancer, re-share premade posts made by government sites or look up online for post ideas. Social media is where a huge chunk of the world population is, and that is the perfect place to spread your awareness. Sure, it may just reach a few people, but what matters is it reaches someone.


Contact your local newspaper and ask if you could write an article about the importance of early detection, research, and group or family support. You could also share your own experience with breast cancer, whether you’re a survivor or your relative or friend has or had it; talk about how the experience was like for you.


Wear that looped pink ribbon! Be prepared to answer questions when someone asks about the symbol. You can also bring with you a pamphlet with the basics of breast cancer to give out.

Edible Goodies

If baking is your forte, then be sure to make them pink or add the pink ribbon on top of your treat. Do not forget to hand out pamphlets with the information about breast cancer to educate the public as they devour your delicious snack.


Put up a poster in your office about breast cancer; it will surely spark up a conversation. If anyone has a question, feel free to step in and answer it for them or hand them out a pamphlet about breast cancer.


You may participate in a fundraiser and help out. Simply look up online for nonprofit organizations that help fund in seeking for a permanent cure to breast cancer. You may also create your own fundraiser and give the money to the right people who are working on finding a cure or donate the funds to someone currently fighting breast cancer.

Custom T-shirts

Custom T-shirts never go out of style. Wear one and hand out the rest. There are many design ideas to choose from. The design can be a logo, or something minimal, or the one that’s most effective in sharing relevant awareness messages. You can add a single line or two about breast cancer. And since everyone loves a meaningful joke on t-shirts, you can also add some on your custom t-shirts.

The earlier you detect cancer, the earlier you can get it treated. These are simple ways on how you can raise breast cancer awareness. Remember, breast cancer is not just for women but also for men. What are you waiting for? Make your move, spread the word. Who knows, you could save someone’s life.

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