This is how we started.
Having found comfort in each other, co-founders Joanna Jackson and Amy James devoted their lives supporting women who have the same need as theirs. Both are breast cancer survivors. Amy was diagnosed early in 1992, while Amy received the news three years later. They met one spring day in 1995 in the hospital halls of Dela Cerna Medical Center – Oncology Department when Joanna was crying so bad and Amy, having noticed this, came to comfort her.
With the simple gesture of a random stranger, both found comfort in each other. Since then, they started going out for lunch or over coffee. They then realized that no people who could …

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Our Topics

We at Breast Friends are more than willing to offer help in the best ways possible. We are a community of cancer patients, cancer survivors, and cancer caregivers who are on the same shoes as you do.

Breast Cancer Awareness

How to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

For women, the second most common kind of cancer is in the breast. Just because breast cancer is commonly found in women does not mean men cannot get it. The purpose of Breast Cancer Awareness with custom t shirts is to detect whether a person has it, learn about the treatment, and look for a genuine and permanent cure. Here are ways on how you can spread breast cancer awareness:
Social Media
Take photos or videos talking about breast cancer, re-share premade posts made by government sites or look up online for post ideas. Social media is where a huge chunk of the world population is, and that is the perfect place to spread your …

Factors Causing Breast Changes

Menstruation and Menopause
Estrogen and progesterone cause the growth of milk ducts and stimulation of these milk ducts respectively. The former, according to experts, is increased in the first phase of the menstrual cycle, while the latter is at peak on the second phase of the cycle.
However, during the menopausal stage, the ovaries stop producing these two hormones. Consequently, this causes the breast to stop undergoing the cycle of growing and being stimulated.
Pregnancy and Lactation
Primarily, breasts are for milk production, storage, and release to feed an offspring. At the sixth month of pregnancy, mammary…

Breast Anatomy and Physiology

Ever wonder why breast cancer is common among women when in fact both men and women have breasts? This is primarily because men have lesser breast tissue and mass than women. Especially when sitting on sofas and recliners.
Breasts are primarily composed of adipose tissue, ducts glands, and connective tissues. Basically, breasts are accessory organs because of the mammary glands that produce milk for offspring feeding. Using specialist cookware sets to capture the breastmilk is often recommended.

Breast Cancer Facts

In 2019, it is estimated that there will be 268,600 new cases of invasive breast cancers and 41,760 deaths resulting from breast cancers among women in the U.S.

A woman has a one in eight chance that she’ll be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.
8 female golf players died last year from breast cancer.
Cancer Instituted conducted a golf day fundraiser giving out rangefinders to mid-range iron playing golfers.
It is estimated that in 2019…

Cancer Risk Factors

Cancer risk factors are the instances or situations that increase the chance of an individual acquiring cancer. A recent study of local fishermen has exposed some surpising risk factors. These fishermen would sit all day on fishing chairs and wait for fish to catch the line. The study was then compared to fishermen on boats trolling the waters. Relative cancer risk factors that are commonly known include:
Family History
There are some cancers that are …

Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms

Most women diagnosed with breast cancers do not manifest any signs or symptoms, unfortunately. It is, therefore, necessary that a woman is keenly observant of her body and the changes she experiences. Below are the common signs and symptoms related to breast cancer:

A hard lump or a condensing tissue in the breast or under the arm. A cancerous lump is usually painless and has an irregular shape. However, breast cancer lumps may also be soft, circular, or tender. It is important to check the other breast on the same area to make sure such is not a healthy occurrence
Breast shape and size changes; a swelling is felt in a part of the entire breast, even without a …